Build a Program

Build a Program

Let us help you transform promising professionals and students into highly capable leaders and change-agents.

Inquiries Welcome

We welcome program inquiries from units and departments at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, prospective program partners, including international businesses, banks, government ministries and university or secondary schools who want to enhance the skills of their employees and students.

By collaborating with us, you and your company or department will:

  • Share your expertise with and learn from international executives and students.
  • Build your professional network through contacts with international academic institutions and companies.
  • Develop short-term educational and training programs to disseminate knowledge and recruit international students to your classes, research labs, or degree programs.

Why should you build a program with us?

We have more than 30 years of experience designing comprehensive, high-quality training programs and are the best at what we do. Our programs are inclusive and customizable to your needs. After completing one of our programs, our participants return to their home countries and enact positive change in their communities and/or companies.

Steps to Build a Program

Program development is an on-going, collaborative process with our staff and participants. Here are common steps to developing a program with us:

1. Contact Us

Fill out our interest form and share your vision, including program type, format, topics, preferred dates, number of participants, funding, etc. We will assign a dedicated staff member as a principal point of contact (liaison) to facilitate programmatic development.

2. Start Customizing

We will work with you to identify the key program details and learning outcomes to design the program that will meet your needs.

3. GET Trained

Once we have worked out the details, we will implement the optimal training program for your participants.