Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

Read about the experiences of past program participants and how our their program impacted the personal, academic or professional goals.

“I came to this program to study the systems of higher education in the United States. I enjoyed all of the PowerPoint presentations from the speakers. What I enjoyed is the time that they gave us to ask questions and the discussions after the presentations. This program helped me to understand the notion of global internationalization. I liked the variety of topics we learned from the program. It will help me to implement these [practices] in my own country.”

Assane Thiam, EducationUSA Leadership Institute Participa

“Thanks, GET team for the support and hospitality. It was an amazing experience. The Intensive English Institute helped me improve my language skills. Orientation Week was one of the more impactful factors during my time at Illinois, and IEI’s personal care and attention was greatly impressive to me.”

Bernardo Bianco, Specialized Program for Administrators & Intensive English Institute Participant

“Looking back on those happy times we shared together, when you guys tirelessly drove vans from one town to another, leading us to experience, to exchange, and to explore. Truly, we came, we saw, and we conquered during the six-month study on-campus. Those good memories will be cherished to the bottom of our heart. Many thanks to the great GET family!”

Doha Amer, KAUST KGSP Program Participant

We feel like real students and faculty members here at [the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign].

Assel Aryn, Bolashak International Scholarship Recipients

“After learning in the classroom, I feel [differently] about American culture. This exchange program not only broadened my horizons, but it also let me know that I need to work harder. The Illinois campus is very clean, beautiful, and well-equipped. The teachers and students are very warm and friendly, which made me have a very good time.”

Qing Shen, International Graduate Academic Training Program participant

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