Intensive English Courses

Intensive English

Academic English for University Success

This course introduces the academic practices and university-level expectations of researching and writing an original research paper, as well as preparing a university project presentation using PowerPoint. The foundational research writing skills of paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting will be emphasized throughout the course. The topic of academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism will be stressed. Writing strategies to improve coherence and conciseness will also be included.

Colloquium on American & Academic Culture

This course provides a structured series of presentations, activities, discussion sessions, online training, and tutoring sessions customized for students on American society and academic culture. Topics may include basic American values, U.S. history, newspaper/media analysis, academic ethics, personal responsibility, improving memory and concentration, critical thinking skills, presentation skills, giving peer feedback, and strategies for discussion and debate. This course utilizes the university library.


Students learn and review correct forms of selected English structures. They discover meaning and expressing ideas using different grammar forms. They apply grammar to other English skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Students also develop skills to understand and correct common grammatical errors.

Listening & Speaking

Students develop listening and speaking skills they need to succeed in academic or professional settings. Students develop basic presentation skills by giving both a group and an individual presentation. Students also learn language and conversation strategies for participating in discussions in a variety of contexts. In addition to these speaking goals, students also develop listening and note-taking strategies.


Students will increase their knowledge of English pronunciation by learning the specific mechanics of producing English consonant and vowel sounds, predicting where to place stress on words and phrases, and understanding different intonation patterns. Throughout the course, students will practice and improve their production and perception of English sounds.

Reading & Writing

This course focuses on academic reading, vocabulary, with emphasis on developing writing. Writing exercises will relate primarily to university essays, while reading comprehension and vocabulary will focus on building those skills required within an academic program or professional setting.

All Intensive English courses are offered at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels suitable to student proficiency.

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