Global Studies Courses

International Law & Social Justice

Participants will be introduced to the law, theories, and practice of international human rights, together with the instruments, organizations, and arrangements that affect their implementation and enforcement. Some of the most salient human right challenges we face today, in the U.S. and abroad, will be discussed.

Global Health

This course offers an in-depth survey of issues and concepts related to global health. Intra- and international differences in both disease burden and characteristics, quality, and access to healthcare systems to address those burdens will be examined. Participants will study the intersection of medical, economic, social, epidemiological, and political contributors to healthcare access and quality.

The World Food Economy

This is an introduction to current topics in the global demand and supply of food. For example: how is demand for food changing and how will the world meet those demands? Basic economic concepts will be applied to consider population growth, food security, markets, natural resource use, and trade.

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