College Preparation Courses

College Preparation


This course is a year-long sequence designed to provide sufficient preparation and mastery for success in any freshman-level Introduction to Calculus class.

How to be a Successful Undergraduate Student

This course covers study skills and time management strategies, while introducing team building and leadership exercises that will expand participants’ critical thinking capacity, self-reliance, and resiliency. Students gain awareness of the different types of counseling and academic advising typically available on university campuses.

Introduction to C++, Excel, & Programming

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of computer programming. Students will develop skills in designing and writing simple computer programs. This course will emphasize design and implementation techniques, basic algorithm development, data manipulation, and problem solving.

Introduction to Undergraduate Research

Students complete a supervised research project to enhance their science course experience by exploring research methods in a variety of fields; working closely with their research mentors; and creating foundational research knowledge and confidence for their future academic research.

SAT Reasoning

This course reviews concepts, test taking strategies, and techniques for high achievement on both the SAT Reasoning Math and Reading/Writing/Language sections, though with more focus on Math preparation. Students will take numerous practice tests, and the instructors design individualized assistance based on these results.

Ready, Set, Undergrad!

In this two-week intensive course, students take a deep dive into the key campus resources at the university to prepare them for success as an undergraduate student.

Science & Lab Recitation

This course corresponds with equivalent introductory coursework for a college. Course subject options may include Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. Each course will have a lab and discussion/recitation associated with it. Students will understand the basic concepts and language of the science introductory course they will take. In lab, students will learn basic laboratory techniques and procedures. Students will apply concepts from their lectures to live experiments and will learn how to collaborate effectively with lab partners.

TOEFL Preparation

Reviews the format of the TOEFL Internet Based Test (iBT), test-taking strategies, and key concepts of English grammar. The instructor will create individualized assistance plans based on student performance.

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