Agriculture & Sustainability Courses

Agriculture & Sustainability

Food Processing & Safety

This course explores the principles, unit operations, and applications of food preservation and processing by high temperature, refrigeration, and freezing processes; includes heat transfer, kinetics, chemical and microbial changes in food because of processing.

Global Agribusiness Management

This course will lead participants in examining of the economic and strategic management of food, textile, and agribusiness firms within a global business environment; topics include the global business environment and its institutions, organizational strategies and policies, and business operations in global agricultural, food and textile industries.

Issues Impacting Sustainable Agriculture

This course examines the impact of law throughout food and bio-products supply chains and develops solutions to improve regulatory outcomes. Issues include legal structures to support farms engaged in direct marketing, small farm regulatory compliance, liability issues relating to use of genetically engineered seed, and developing cooperative legal structures to better manage invasive plants.

Materials & Devices for Energy Conservation

This course will discuss solid-state electronic transport and liquid-phase ionic conduction at the heart of semiconductor devices and electrochemical systems.

Natural Hazards & Climate Risk

This course explores to natural hazards, including climate change-induced hazards. Emphasis is also placed on the connectivity between planning for natural hazards and disasters and climate change adaptation, emphasizing the principles of sustainability and disaster resilience.

Sustainable Futures

This course provides an interdisciplinary foundation in environmental sustainability. Participants will engage in research, visit field sites, and make team presentations on their findings. The course involves field trips to restored prairie, the university’s Sustainable Student Farm, net-zero and LEEDgold certified buildings, experimental biofuel plantations and more.

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