Program Types

Our portfolio consists of a variety of short and long term programs that emphasize a combination of academic, professional, and leadership training.

Programs vary in topic, length, and modality—ranging from tailor-made programs to an array of programs designed to provide high-quality, practical training in various disciplines. Upon completing their program, participants are awarded certificates from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. GET program participants do not receive degrees or academic credit from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

GET offers a portfolio of programs designed to meet the training goals of professional, academic, and governmental organizations. Programs range from two weeks to one year, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. Learn more about custom-designed executive programs.

Pre-College Foundation Programs offer a rigorous immersive experience for high-achieving international high school students interested in becoming successful undergraduate students at top U.S. universities. Learn more about pre-college foundation programs.

Specialized Program for Administrators (SPA) is a unique, non-degree three to twelve-month program (spring and/or fall semester) designed for both mid to upper-level executives sponsored by their organizations, as well as self-sponsored individuals. Learn more about the impact of our programs.

Global Education and Training is continually seeking ways to extend our global network through federally-funded grants. Past programs have included the EducationUSA Leadership Institute and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Gifted Student Program. Learn more about the impact of our programs.

TESL and TEFL Training Programs are developed for in-service English teachers, pre-service English teachers, and English teacher trainers. GET's affiliate unit, the Intensive English Institute (IEI), creates specially designed programs for groups with specific English needs. Learn more about the IEI.

GET provides short-term, intensive summer courses for undergraduate and graduate students that are tailored to their needs. Programs can last for two weeks or up to one full semester. Learn more about undergraduate and graduate programs.

GET Connected

We are committed to sustaining existing programs and developing new connections with financial organizations, higher education institutions (e.g., Ministries of Education and universities), and international government agencies from countries across the globe. Contact us.